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季楽 京都 祇園

estled in Gion, Kyoto's most famous "Geisha" district, Kiraku Kyoto Gion is a private villa offering two contrasting types of traditional Japanese baths.

On the ground floor, through the tatami living room, you will encounter a garden with a outdoor ceramic bath.

Cross through the garden and open the door to find a "Goemon" or traditional iron bath with origins in Kyoto.

Wander upstairs to find a king size bed, as well as room to lay futons if you are traveling as a group.

Enjoy a leisurely stay in Kyoto's festive yet serene, ancient center of traditional entertainment.

Guests are able to reach us anytime at extension call

 Closest Landmarks * 
 Hanamikoji Street 
 0.4 km 
 Ishibe Alley 
 0.4 km 
 Yasaka Shrine 
 0.4 km 
 Rokuharamitsu-ji Temple 
 0.4 km 
 0.5 km 
 Gion Shijo Station 
 0.5 km 
 Maruyama Park 
 0.6 km 
 0.7 km 
 Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka 
 0.7 km 
 Kawaramachi Station 
 0.7 km 
 Restaurants & Markets * 
 Nishiki Food Market 
 1.5 km 
 Natural Beauty * 
 Kamogawa river 
 0.5 km 
 Closest Airports * 
 Itami Airport 
 39 km 
 Kobe Airport 
 64.8 km 
 Kansai International Airport 
 79.4 km 
 Most Popular Landmarks * 
 Samurai Kembu Kyoto 
 1 km 
 Shoren-in Temple 
 1 km 
 Kiyomizu-dera Temple 
 1.1 km 
 Sanjusangen-do Temple 
 1.4 km 
 Heian shrine 
 1.8 km 
 Kyoto International Manga Museum 
 1.9 km 
 Kyoto Station 
 2.4 km 
 Eikan-do Zenrin-ji Temple 
 2.4 km 
 Tofuku-ji Temple 
 2.7 km 
 Imperial palace 
 2.9 km 

Gion-Shijo Station(Kei-han Line railway) : 10 minute`s walk 

Gion Bus Stop:8 minute`s wal